Kayhan Language School was established in 1995. Since its establishment, it has taught more than 25000 language learners and supported them in achieving their goals.
Kayhan School has been teaching distance learning for nearly a year by launching online classes in the form of "Kayhan Language School" (KLS) and is currently teaching English in Iran. KLS has two branches: the first branch is located on Karmandan 2ed street No.112 and the second branch is located on 116 Alley, Tag Bostan Blvd, Kermanshah, Iran.
  • Our classes have a minimum capacity of 8 to 12 language learners So that teachers can teach excellently in addition Classroom management. besides, learners have more opportunities to participate in group activities.
Our graduates, who are often accepted in TEFL at university, will be provided with suitable job opportunity by KLS. After some teacher training courses, learning the teaching methodology and observing some classes of well-educated teachers, the basic classes for teaching will be assigned to them. Teaching in the first semester will be supervised and reviewed by the school management.
Teachers who have started learning English at KLS and have finally acquired the teaching methodology and have gained teaching skills, have been attracted by other language schools for teaching by all means.
Some of them, who has studied abroad to receive PhD in TEFL, amaze their professors and have been selected as Teacher Assistant in English at the same universities.
In each semester, K.L.S provides a verse from the Holy Quran in Arabic and English for A2 and higher level which students will be required to repeat and understand it.
One of the most important tasks of K.L.S is constant control of classes. This has brought satisfaction to families.