Language institutes must complete their courses in full

Regarding the violations of some foreign language centers, Farzaneh Shemirani said: "Language learners can report any violations to the supervision office of the Ministry of Science."
In recent days, it has been reported that some foreign language institutions have dropped out of their courses due to coronary heart disease and are looking to hold their exams as soon as possible so that they can hold the new semester virtually at the lowest cost. This is a temporary permit issued by the Ministry of Science for free foreign language teaching institutes.
Farzaneh Shemirani, Director General of the Non-Governmental Higher Education Office of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, said in this regard: The Ministry of Science has temporarily authorized foreign language institutes to hold their classes virtually at this time due to the spread of the corona. . He added: "Language institutes are obliged to hold their classes in person after the end of the corona holiday." The director general of the non-governmental higher education office of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology stated: "These institutions are often private, and on the other hand, their client is also private, and therefore they are not allowed to leave their courses part-time." Shemirani said: these institutions are obliged to hold other sessions of the course and then hold their final exams. Emphasizing the need for serious monitoring of the performance of these institutions, Shemirani said: The Office of Supervision and the Office of Non-Governmental Higher Education of the Ministry of Science always evaluates the performance of these institutions and handles complaints against these institutions. He added: "The fastest way to communicate is to send e-mails on the website of the Ministry of Science, and any institution that has committed a violation will not be issued a license for that institution in the future and will be prevented from operating." The Director General of the Non-Governmental Higher Education Office of the Ministry of Science regarding the management of these institutions said: The most challenging issue in the management of these institutions is the amount of costs received, which usually varies due to differences in education and quality of services, but the Ministry of Science They set a ceiling for these institutions and are not allowed to receive more money. Farzaneh Shemirani stated: The names of the authorized foreign language teaching institutions have been announced at the Ministry of Science and our advice to language learners is to refer only to these institutions and refrain from registering in unauthorized centers. The official from the Ministry of Science, noting that the supervision is not only related to the outbreak of coronary heart disease, said: "The Office of Non-Governmental Supervision and Higher Education even supervises the arrangement of chairs in language institutions and always their teaching method and educational content of courses." Inspects educational centers and notifies the Ministry of Science.